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To smuther the chiggers and stop the itching put vics vapor rub on areas affected. The petroleom suffocates them and the methanol relieves itching. You can also mix camphor and phenol in mineral spirits, works wonders.

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little known fact- chiggers dont really burrow under your skin, they just bite it and then eventually fall off. solutions such as yours or dabbing clear nail polish do nothing.


the way we always got rid of chiggers is by taking a bleach bath. it seems to help. i have also been told that nail polish will work too. my question is what do you spray on your yard to kill the chiggers. someone has to have a homemade remedy for this. i have not found one yet,but if i do i will share with all.


To kill chiggers in your yard you can use a liguid form killer that kills ants and termites.I know this isn't a home remedy to the problem.But like you I haven't found a home remedy that works.I have used the liguid Ortho for ants and termites and it has done wonders.


the chigger is already gone by the time you start itching, so you cant smother it, but the menthol in vapor rub does help with the itching


I am extremely sensitive to chigger bites almost alergic. I was told by my doctor that itching takes place because of the chiggers saliva. There saliva coagulates in your skin to form a straw they use to suck your blood. After they bite you, you scratch them away but the saliva stays and itches like crazy. I use the bleach bath remedy when I get bites. But I don't go into the woods without dusting my legs down with sulfer powder. This works! I keep it in a rossen bag and just dab it all over my legs before going out.


Actually if you look on the web site of Iowa State University in the Entomology department you'll see that chiggers do not burrow into your skin they inject enzymes which cause the skin cells to errupt and become irritated...they say to help with the itch you must cut off air supply to the bite...that is why things like 'nail polish' & 'vics vapor rub' are believed to work.


Actually a chigger leaves its larvae which is what itches by feeding on your skin. Read up on it.


Where do you buy the dusting sulfer for preventing chigger bites. I had an old bottle my dad had of yellow sulfer but am about out. Can't find it anywhere. I find dusting sulfer at a plant store but says not to get on skink. I remember useing this as a kid.

Rita - Texas

Being a foreigner to Texas, I received way too many chigger bites over the weekend while mowing grass, they did not start itching until late that evening but boy did they ITCH!! I tried the clear fingernail polish, compresses, etc. but when I put the Vicks Vaporub on them the itch went away and has stayed away all day. I will pass this great idea on to my family and friends. Thanks, alot!

Gene Keys

I remember as a kid down at my Grandparents going to pick blackberrys and in high weeds that my Grandmother always made us put good layer of Vicks all around our arms just above the elbow and around our legs just below our knees. With a bath as soon as we got back it seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping chiggers off.

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