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I found some relief from even severe nasal congestion, particularly while sleeping by doing the following: I took a handkerchief and tied it over my face -covering my noise and mouth - so that I looked just like an old-fashioned bank robber. I was able to get fresh oxygen from the bottom, but it made sure the air I was breathing was warm and moist. After a few minutes (and I was even laying completely flat), I noticed that one of my nostrils had opened, which was a huge relief since both were blocked. It made sleeping much easier, and I could slip it down if it got uncomfortable.

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This works! I was not able to lie down for last 2 hours and after doing this for 30 min coupled with blowing my nose first. It worked


Who would have thought something so inexpensive would have such a great effect!? I've only had a dry wash cloth over my face for about minutes and I can feel the difference! Thank you!


Really works


This idea is along the same lines as product called an Air Warming Mask, I believe its made by 3M. It looks a lot like a dust mask, but it gets wet from your breath then warms and moisturizes the incoming air. I have used them in real cold weather while hunting and they help keep you warm. I will try mine at night for sleep help with my congestion.

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