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Karen Wiese

The perfect cure!!!!!!

As soon as you hiccough, make yourself burp! This really works! Hiccoughs are the result of trapped air in the lungs....what better way to relieve this pain then by removing the air immediately by burping? Even if you're in public, as soon as you hiccough....make yourself BURP! It really does work!!

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I love doing this *BUURP*


Actually hiccoughs are caused by spasms in your diaphragm.


even if hicoughs were caused by air in you llungs (they're not, by the way) burping releases gas from your stomache, not lungs.




Hopefully you do have air in your lungs, otherwise you'd be dead!


If thats the case, why do unborn babies get the hiccups. (Ive always called it hiccup, not hicaugh) they have never even had air in theyre lungs!!!


then how do they breathe (if the person who commented last thinks that they're so intelligent!)

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