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Painless in Oklahoma, Lenora

Oh, those pearlly whites, how they can give you trouble. Pain at night, so I tried the Red Cross Toothache. Now, if you can stand the toohache you can stand the burning sensation of Red Cross Toothache. When using, be sure that you are standing over your sink with some water to spit and rinse. It will stop burn after awhile. Then use a DRY tea Bag. I used Green Tea bags. Let it sit on the affected area for about 30-45 mins. Be ready to spit again because as the salvia begin to build you will need to spit. This will draw out the infection. It feels so much better, I can now go to sleep and then make my dentist appointment. I guess we do need them. I don't lioke going. But I cannot go through this again. I hope this helps. And thanks to all that have share. Good night sleep tight and don't let the toothachce keep you awake.

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Christina, California

My husband had a really bad tooth ache he said the pain was a 10, I looked on line for home remedies, I tried just about every home remedie and nothing worked, then I read about Red Cross, I went to the drug store got some, my husband tried it and within 5 mins, his pain was gone.


I have used this remedy before i also use excedrine migrain along with it, the pills will reak havic on your stomach but they will stop the pain in less than 30 min along with the red cross stuff that smells horrible and burns


I have a root canal that i need to have taken care of, so until then ive been using red cross and YES it does work!


The red cross toothache relief DOES work. It has been the best so far. I have ran out of it now so I went searching through my kitchen to see what else may work. I came across some crushed red pepper and it gives almost the same efect along with the juice from jalepeno pepper.


DO NOT USE ON EXTRACTION SITES. I had terrible pain from an extraction over the weekend that even percoset and strong doses of advil didn't cure, so I went and bought this stuff. It burned but stopped the pain. Went to the dentist on Monday and ended up finding out I have chemical burns on tissue and bone. Had to have a bone snipped...dead one that is. Dentist is adament it was caused by putting that stuff on a dry socket. I am on an antibiotic for 3 weeks and a bacteria wash. Dentist said it will take a long time to heal.


where can you find this tooth paste. i am from sunflower ms.

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