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Sinus congestion relief is seconds away. Take one clove of garlic, eat it and in seconds you'll have relief. If you're not big on eating garlic raw - well, take a toast or whatever bread you have, add a spread of butter, mince the garlic, put it on the bread, close the bread (as you don't want to leave the bread open/flat because the garlic will burn quickly). Once the bread is toasted, eat it and relief is seconds away. And you've just enjoyed a garlic toast.

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Sadie Rochon

This didn't work for me sadly it did help my sore throat though! It was very strong and gross at first ( I just ate the clove by itself ) But then it wasn't all that bad! Thanks for helping me still!


Haven't been able to breathe through both nostrils for three nights in a row. Figured I'd give the garlic a try seeing as I grew my own this year. Couldn't eat a whole clove as it is really potent. Nothing like the garlic that comes shipped from China. Besides feeling like I was going to yak, within 10 minutes I felt way better. One nostril 100 per cent clear, the other about 60 per cent. Would definitely recommend this method but I don't wish to try it again any time soon. Thanks


Wow, I just read this thread to find a relief for the pain, went straight to the kitchen peeled a clove and chewed and swallowed it. I don't care how I smell in the morning, instant relief !! Amazing! I eat a lot of garlic anyway but am thinking I might do half a clove a day as a preventative! Thank you for sharing :-)


I read this thread , went straight to the kitchen, thawed 2 spoons of frozen garlic and ate it. Amazing! Finally I could breathe from my nostrils again! Thank you for sharing :)

Cris P

Works great. I chopped up a clove of garlic, put salt on it and smashed it with the back end of the spoon, spread on toast with a little slab of butter and ate it. Instant gratification.

Sally B

I've been ill with a bad case of the flu for the past few days now, was starting to get desperate for what I could do to actually be able to breathe through my nose again (when I breathe through my mouth it dries up incredibly quickly, not good for sleeping!) and this was the only thing I could do, not having anything open at 3 in the morning, but this worked a treat! I had to spit it out, was burning my tongue, and brushed my teeth immediately, but my nose is 60% better! Thanks :)


An herbalist suggested mincing the garlic clove and let it sit for 10 minutes for the active ingredient to increase. Mix with a little honey and swallow (not chewing), in small portions. NO more than 6 cloves a day. (probably less for children). I believe that is because garlic can thin the blood.

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