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my daughter always gets head lice and nits from school. we play a lot and sleep together so i easily catch them. i tried using comb but it does not remove everything. i still have to do it manually (divide the hair section by section to look for lice and nits) which is really time-consuming and tiring. we also used a local brand shampoo which attracted them more. i tried to use lice shampoo which really killed all of them but our hair begun falling and made some strands gray/white. when i looked into the ingredient, it does have a pesticide.

i started using nit-nurse shampoo and because it's natural, we did not have falling hair and hair color change. Also, I tie my daughter's hair into a bun or braid so she won't easily have another episode of infestation.

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The combs you are told to use take up a lot of time! I have used a flea comb because Fleas are much smaller then the lice and the flea comb also takes out some of the eggs as well! I believe the combs cost about one or two dollars which is well worth the cost! My husband and I teamed up to get get our children lice free. My husband would interwound thread in a comb to take out the rest that where so difficult. We just traded off combs the nits stick to the thread!!


My 9 year odl daughter has super thick long hair and she just got head lice! we picked all bugs outbut there was still tons of nits and we looked on here and the best thing and fastest is a HAIR STRAGTNER!!!!!!! it kills then instantly!! and you can even here the poping of the nits!:)

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