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nana kwame

The apple cider vinegar works perfectly.the small ones can come off within a day after applying it but the bigger ones takes some time before falling off. I was able to remove some around my genitals but I have realize some has appeared on my feet and the back of mine hands.but they are very small so I just took a sterile niddle to end all the small ones up and after I coated it with a nail polish. It kind of hurt when you are doing it but know pain no gain. I have ended all up except a big one under my scrotum and am gradually using the cider vinegar for that. Besides I have plan eating healthy to boost my immune system so that the body can fight against it I have started with chewing garlic and also going for green tea. Sometimes u just have to endure pain to succeed.

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That is absolutely disgusting. No one cares about your scrotum.


It might be disgusting to you but that is informative on the body part he was effected with!

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