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Use 'Ultra Brite' brand tooth paste on reddened pimple. Leave on until crusted, or overnight. Pimple will be smaller and less red.

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Sorry but this is not a good idea. I did this a year ago when a friend suggested it. The paste ate right through my skin and left a big scab. Then I had to explain to everyone why my face looked like I was in a accident of some sort. Try drinking one gallon of water a day. Good luck!

A Believer

This works if you use small amounts to cover and you dont use it too often. I use it on spots I want to get rid of overnight and I have had success... Remember that everything is not for everybody so please be careful..


This was good for me. But I used Colgate (nothing with gel). I had 2 pimples and I went to sleep with just a dab on each and the next morning it was gone. I sugest to not use remedies like this if you do not know how your skin will react, especialy if you have sensitive skin. try testing a small portion of your skin first. Good Luck.


yea...dye your skin...dumbass

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