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This was really interesting! I have been reading through the remedies and it seems there are as many different remedies as there are people. I have suffered from RLS for years, as has half of my family. We usually meet in the kitchen at about 2 am in desperate search for some sleep. Sometimes brain games helps, sometimes lotion on the feet, sometimes movement, sometimes cheese, sometimes cold baths.sometimes magnesium, sometimes eating bananas. But there must be some underlying cause for it all. I see many seem to say it is a deficiency of some sorts, and I have found often that magnesium helps. But I am wondering if it is all in the mind. Some strange neurological disorder going on,some kind of electricity wiring gone wrong since brain games seem to do the trick everytime. I take my sodoku book and start and within minutes the RLS is gone and I fall asleep.

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Wow, my mom loves brain puzzles and even playing her computer brain helps her RLS. She has it bad!!! She listens to books on tape at night she seems to think if she focuses on something enough they relax a bit. She too has tried many things, all that you mentinoned just tonight-thanks for your comment, that put it together for my mom.


I found your response very interesting. I have RLS and it has gotten much worse with my pregnancy. My midwife suggested magnesium. I think I will combine that with some brain activity. Thanks so much!


I have had RLS since I was a little girl, and unfortunately for me, the only thing that seems to stop it is my pain medication (I am severely disabled now). I recall even when I was younger, car trips were almost unbearable because of my RLS. It also runs quite seriously in the women in my family, causing sleep disorders, cramping, pain, pins & needles, visible skin movement, just horrid experiences and so far, very little relief.

Anne H.

It's been months since this comment was posted, so you probably won't see my reply, but I want to thank you for this excellent insight!

I've tried a lot of the non-prescription remedies with varying results, but just last night I was suffering a late bout of RLS that was keeping me awake, and I remembered how just checking my email or doing a bit of reading could sometimes help--especially if that happens via a mobile device, where I don't have to get out of bed or turn on a light.

I dismissed the idea because that would mean 'it's all in my mind'. Then this morning, suffering an unusual early-day bout of RLS, I read through five pages of contributions, madly bouncing my left leg as I read. When I came to this one, something specific happened in my brain, like a series of tumblers falling in a lock--a very particular combination of focused attention and 'realization'.

My leg suddenly stopped being restless.

I think you're really on to something here. Thank you for it.

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