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it sounds stupid but it does work 1* just sit up and hug your knees sometimes I rock back and forth and within 10 secs.your stomach should feel better 2* after awhile get up and drink SLOWLY A cup of COLD coke or sprite
~hope this helps! <3~

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I Do tht too and it works i thought i was the only one haha


yeah, this really does work. My brother was in pain from his stomach ache, so I went on google, typed in home remedies for tummy aches and this popped up, so i tried this remedie and his stomach feels alot better. Thanks!


Hahaha my stomach ache went away after reading this xD

Knguyeennn. 09342

will pepsi work ? ):


I guess pepsi will work too


Sprite works better than coke for stomach aches (:


coke dosent work but sprit is the btest thank you! i was literally screaming in pain!

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