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i Have had me left k-9 and the premolar behind it pulled. now my right premolar and the molar behind it and the bottem back molar have been killing me. i have been staying up because i simply cant sleep. i tried tylenol, later tried a hydro, tried orajel, teabags,salt water, hot rag. finally I tried the peanut butter. they said to spread it on your gums. i did and had some extra on a spoon so i just ate it. this helped immediately

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omg peanut butter it really was instant my god i thought i was gonna blow my brains out i know this is temporary and i dont know how long this will work but it really did genius!


I'm finna try it now hopes it works!


This is crazy but it actuallly relieved my pain not completely but it took some of the throbbing away but only worked for a few minutes but for some quick relief this worked great

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