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Ear aches are sometimes water trapped in the eustachian tube. I have found that using a blow dryer about 12 inches away from the head and on medium heat will calm the crying child.

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My mother told me how applying something warm to my ear would make it feel better, so I tried a blow dryer, and it does make it feel a lot better.

Blow dryers get really hot though, so be careful (especially if you're doing this with your kid), it heated up quickly for me so even though I had it far from my head, I had to take it away here and there.


This only helped me for a moment. The pain was still intense so I tried a few drops of lime juice. It actually helped subside the pulsating throbbing.


Being on my honeymoon and having an ear ache is the worst, so I started looking for a quick remedy without going to the doctor. I saw this one and thought 'the hotel has a blow dryer, what could it hurt' and it worked. Thanks for posting it saved my honeymoon!


I just tried the hair dryer (after putting a couple of drops of colloidal silver in my ear.) I think the hair dryer may have done it, but it cleared up my ear. And I was able to pop my ear (hold nose and blow) for the first time in two weeks. Nice relief! Thanks!

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