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Brush the teeth and, very importantly, the tongue and floss once per day.

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Bad Breath But Intelligent!

Thank you Mr. Sherlock Holmes. The majority of the desperate folks who are reading this site have gone past this one...


Actually, you would be very surprised at the number of people that do NOT brush the tounge over and under, nor the upper and lower parts of the oral cavity. It is shamful how few parants actually teach their children anything more then how to clean thier teeth, as if that is the only parts of the mouth.


Wow You are very smart...


Some people are such jerks...
You are right, my husband was never taught to brush his tongue. He was 32 years old the first time he ever brushed them. I noticed how BAD his breath was when we were engaged, and I casually asked him to stick out his tongue. That is alot of years of stuff on the tongue. I talked him into brushing it, and his breath smelled good for the first time EVER! So alot of people don't know to brush it. Since then I have had to get my teenage brother to do the same. His breath nearly made me puke!


All it takes is simply to brush your tongue twice daily. Make sure you brush it well and get to the back. Try smelling the tooth brush and it will stink just like your breath. Usually people with bad breath have a white coated tongue but not always.

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