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I am a 56 year old male that has RLS for many years. There is a simple, cheap cure that will vastly improve your sleep. Simple take a 400 mg Magnesium pill before bedtime. It works like magic.

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It works at bedtime I agree. I also suffer during the day. Any suggestions for for that?


This is awesome! I take unisom and over the counter sleep aid every night, And I cause myself this. I was searching for a home remedy for this, and I saw this post, So I went to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist if this was true and what he thought. He said he'd heard of it before and he sold me some Magnesium for half price. (it's only like 4 or 5 dollars anyway so it's a miracle cure for really cheap) I took them as soon as I left the pharmacy and I took my unisom last night and had absolutely zero symptoms of rls, this is my second night and still pain and sympton free. As for the other post asking about rls during the day, I take them in the middle of the day and it works, and also the reason I started looking for the home cure is because it was starting during the day as well, and now for 2 days I have had no symptoms. Give a try during the day. Thank you to the original poster about the magnesium!


This has worked for me like magic . Yesterday I read the ad I went and bought magnesium I drank about 400mg and I rested like never before .


Going to Walgreens now!
I feel as if I'm going insane lately


I've been taking Magnesium in the morning...maybe, that's why I have no symptoms that time of day. I'm going to try Magnesium in the afternoon when the symptoms start.


I've had RLS for the last 20+ years and tried almost everything. Last night I started to check the web again for some relief trying other people's suggestions and came across the Magnesium post. Went to drugstore last night and got 500mg pills. Took one last night and had a little episode before I felt asleep. My boyfriend said it was not as bad as usually is. Well it must had been because it did not prevented me falling asleep. I think you have to let the magnesium build up in your system. I will keep up with it because it can't hurt. Will report my progress because as you all know, who has this problem will try anything and will share positive experiences.

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