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Hi ladies. I'm 17 years old and 38 weeks pregnant. I started getting stretch marks @ about week 30 and I got them on my lower half of my stomach, love handles & boobies! I was thinking noooo anywhere but the boobies lol. I started doing some research and found tanyatko . I'm white and mexican, so my skin is very light. The stretch marks are pink & purply. I ordered african shea butter off amazon for like 10$ I then mixed it in a bottle w/ olive oil. (The bottle must have a spout) I also added joba joba oil, coconut oil, vitamen E capsules(I broke them open & put them in) and argan oil. I shook it and I had my lotion. But I've been using it for a week & iswear by it. My boobs the stretch marks have completly vanished and stopped growing. The ones on my belly are deep so it might take some time, but they have definantly gotten lighter! I wish icould post b4 and after pics. I'm having a c section so hopefully after I'm healed I can use this on my scar.

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Ruthy babe

how often did you apply it ? and do you think it will work for white stretch marks??


HOLY CRAP! this really did work!, i rubbed it in for 3 mins and just 5 mins later i can see a HUGE difference =) thanks so much for posting this! cant wait to see what it will look like in 30 mins =D


OH MY GOSH! Where did you find these oils?!!?!


How much of each ingredient did you add? Also, how did you break the Vitamin E capsules?


Yes its great iknow. I'm fairly light, so it would work for white skin.. I broke the vitamen e capsules with scissors and put about 10 of them in. I used more olive oil then shea butter and a little bit of each oil. Like about 3 tbs. & I rub it in every day after the shower for about 3 mins and put vlothes on. Also take a vitamen, prenatal & omega 3.

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