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EYE LASH GROWTH- put castor oil or olive oil before going to sleep on your eyelashes do thish like for a month or two. IT ACTUALLY WORKS :)

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This is totally true. I originally tried castor oil for dark eye circles. I would apply it every night before bed and continued doing this for about a month( though not consistently). I stopped because I didn't see much improvement in my under eye circles. However, a few days later I went out to lunch with some friends and one of them asks me if i was wearing mascara, I wasn't. Then,the discussion turned to how long my eyelashes were. Honestly I was never a person with long lashes before this. So that was the plus of using castor oil. One word(or two) of caution! be careful not to get any of the oil into you eyes and it can be quite irritating (trust me :/) plus BEWARE, this oil will also grow your eyebrows!!!! I was not careful, over liberal application and would allow the oil to cover my lower brow line as well as my lashes and now I have longer wider brows. Great if that what you want (especially if you have over plucked in the past) but for me it was undesired. Oh well, my fault :). All in all a great natural and inexpensive method that works! (ps also works for thinning edges of hair).


sorry that should have said work ON thinning edges of hair... to make them grow back LOL. Great stuff :)

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