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I have the worst cramps ever!! it literally feels like someone is sticking a knife in my stomach and twisting it around! Horrible isn't it?!
I just take four 200miligram ibuprofen. it takes like ten minutes before they actually kick in.. But hey it works for me when nothin else does. I also sit in the shower with steaming hot water and let the water hit my stomach.. Works goooood ! But I will try the ginger idea!

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Def did this 2nite lik literally rite b4 i read it except for da pain killer part took 2 naproxens (aleve)


Be very careful doing this. Before I got on birth control this is what my doctor suggested I do. I ended up with either a high liver or kidney profile from taking too much ibuprophen. So just be careful not to take it too much.

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