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If you can go to a doctor or even urget care, ask them for acyclovir. A customer of mine told me about it, and the blister NEVER develops. Don't waste your time with home remedies that still cause you to deal with a sore for a few days. Once I feel the tingle, I take a pill. Then I take a couple more the next few days, to make sure it doesn't develop. I never use the full prescription, I keep some of it for the next time, and always have the doctor give me up to three refills.

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Laura S

this med works really well if you start taking it at the first sign of a fever blister. If sore is already out, the med is useless. Once blister is there it just has to run it's coarse. Aloe does ease the pain.


Acyclovir cream also works, however, sometimes acyclovir treatments are expensive and are NOT covered by insurance so BEWARE.

New Self Advocate

Use caution and read adverse reactions of acyclorvil! Recently went to the doctor due to a sinus infection and was prescribed amoxicillin. Simultaneously, had an outbreak of fever blisters which was treated with (oral) acyclorvil and (topical) denavir. Unfortunately, the 2 antibiotics created the perfect storm to lower the efficacy of the seizure medication I have been on for 10 years and I had a grand mal seizure. Don't discount the adverse reactions of any medication...however low the odds.


Why would you post this on a home remedies site?


I aslo use this prescription (Valtrex) and you need to take a pill the second you feel the tingling. It stops it from even blistering. It's the dried out part that seems to take forever to go away! It's so frustrating. I have a big party tomorrow and this ugly, red, dried out mess on my lip.


Ok , I have found that I get the blisters when I am sick or worn down. If I can catch it early I use Enechiea vitamin for the immune system and pop about 4 to 5 a day and then I use super Lysine on the area. This works very well with ones just forming and will usually prevent it from surfacing . I have been told never to pop them due to the area and it can lead to infection and spread to the brain. This works very well. Keep your immune system up and use vitamins.

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