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unlucky guy

I had only had sex once in my life (unprotected) so when I had a very small bump on my penis I was in denial that it was a genital wart.

After ignoring it for a year I decided to do something, just in case. I dipped a q-tip in apple cider vinegar and held it to the bump. I varied between holding it to the spot and rubbing it. Within about 15 minutes it had gone flat and was red. The next day it turned black.

For three nights I held a q-tip to the area for 45 minutes. I stopped after a scab formed. I figured it was pointless to apply it to the scab.

The scab fell off today and there is a small hole from where the wart used to be. The skin around the hole is very thick. Is this normal? Did anyone else experience this?

To make sure it is completely killed off I held a q-tip to the hole for about 5 minutes and stopped after it hurt too bad.

The ACV definitely works. I've used different remedies for warts on my hand as a kid and I'd say this is the best one I've found. Hopefully it doesn't come back.

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It grew back bigger than before :( before it wasn't even noticeable, not it is very noticeable.

I should have done treatment longer than the three days I did it. I should have continued treatment after it fell off.

Time to try again.. :/

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