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esha nashville

take a glass cup place it behind u back and lay on it place where ever pain is

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what if it breaks?????????????????

then u will have glass up ur back


What is the remedy for glass shard removal?




An old fragile vase may also be needed,just in case the glass isn't strong enough! C'mon really?


Is this a Joke or something??
Where do you do it? On the bed or where and for how long??


I have enough back pains the way it is.... i dont need broken glass in my back and/or kidneys. ur gonna get someone killed telling people to try stupid shit like this.




Some back pain is relieved by pushing on the spine. When you have a helper they may push on your spine while you lay on your stomach...but if you have no helper you may 'reset' spine by laying on something which is under your back...a glass is probably not the best to use, unless, possibly if it was a really sturdy

For me this approach mainly has worked when my upper middle back was out, and then I usually have to get underneath something so I can push with my feet/legs to generate more pressure than gravity alone...I've used a small towel tightly rolled up, and that preformed plastic dohicky called The Spine-Worx (mentioned in previous post), but suppose a tennis ball might work too (also mentioned previously).

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