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i sat up crying all night last night with the worst toothache i've ever had. my back molar has an old filling and part of my tooth broke off. not a lot, just a little but it was enough to keep me up all night. i tried so many of the remedies i read on here and the only thing that semi worked was salt water and mouthwash. i took a lot of ibuprofen and tylenol, baby asprin, used cloves, a tea bag, massaged my hand...everything. i went to the e.r. this morning cuz i really couldn't stand it anymore. i've never had pain like this where NOTHING helped. they gave me a shot of toridol (an anti inflammatory) and vicodin. even then, it wasn't totally better. i also got some benzodent. the combination of everything is finally helping. if you hurt like i did, i really feel for you. also, if you try and try and try, just go to the e.r. til you can get to a dentist...
good luck.

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ToddDaGod 1

Garlic crushed and sprinkle a little sea salt on it. U wl save the agony of decisions, which come by veryhard when in pain.
Guaranteed, why, cause I'm ToddDaGod(:

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