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For mouth ulcers, use alum. Take a cotton swab and place alum on infected area.

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If you have mouth ulcers all the time either your immune system is lowered, or you have some kind of deficiency, such as vit.C, or there is some kind of irritant in your mouth regularly, such as chilli (or as mentioned, chemical laden toothpaste). See a naturopath to get to the cause of the problem instead of just covering up the symptoms.

Maria K.

It is amazing how often you find citric acid as an additive in foodstuffs these days. By careful analysis and trial and errot I have proved to my own satisfaction that this is often the most critical trigger for my mouth ulcers - it takes about 3 hours after ingestion of citric before the ulcer begins to appear. I just pass this on to others. I'm sure there must be others who share this sensitivity and by avoiding citric I now have far fewer mouth ulcers. How long before it is banned ?


For a really painfull method. Use a silver nitrate stick( some doctors have them or some pet stores) burns like hell, because it cartrizes the infected area. Like I said burns like hell but works. You can also get them off the Internet for about 5.00 for 100. Hope this helps


It's dried and ground fromunda cheese. Works great! Try it.

leonie cent

CITRIC ACID ? - to the person who says citric acid brings on ulcers - this is true, however citric acid is natural and is from citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges etc. It would be wise to avoid these fruits, instead of calling for a ban on citric acid. Also, avoid acidic foods like tomatoes etc, and vinegar. You have to look carefully on the labels of all packaged foods, as you'll find all sorts of ingredients which will exacerbate your condition. My naturopath told me that mouth ulcers are basically a symptom of a depressed immune system, and this could be caused by food allergies, like wheat and dairy for example. Gluten is known to cause many health problems for example, so why not try an 'elimination diet' to find out if it helps to stop eating certain foods. You only have to trial it for a short time. Google it, an you will find lots. Good luck! Also, OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT HELPS A LOT, IF YOU GARGLE WITH IT, AS WELL AS CONSUMING REGULARLY.


Alum is a spice they use to make pickles. Almost any grocery store has it, McCormick is the brand I've seen.

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