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For mouth ulcers, use alum. Take a cotton swab and place alum on infected area.

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I've never heard of Alum before, but after looking it up on Google, it seems to be some kind of powder/mineral salt. The common consensus is that you can find it at your grocery store, in the spice section. You can also buy it on Amazon.
Hope that helps!


Anybody who doesn't know what Alum is for 'em in Hindi or Urdu its known as Phitkari, available at (Kiryana, Hakeem, Banya stores)grocery stores.


You can get Alum at any grocery store. It's used in pickling. Burns like HELL but does work pretty well.


to the person who claims Kenalog in Orabase is expensive, you either go to a rediculously priced pharmacy, or are just an idiot. but by the way you type, with such profanity you are an obvious idiot.
I use Kenalog in Orabase REGLIGIOUSLY
I myself use the RX form of the product and its 0.5 % but they do make an OTC form of the product in a 0.1%
on my insurance plan the stuff is only 3 dollars
but you cant get it for 12 dollars or less depending on the pharmacy and providing you get generic brand.
i work for CVS/pharmacy and its 10.99 there.
its great stuff.
generic name is Triancinolone Acetonide dental paste.
triamcinolone acetonide is a common corticosteroid used for reducing inflammation of tissue. it comes in many forms from lotions to creams to ointments and to the dental paste known as 'kenalog in orabase'
but yes its great for spot treatment of canker sores and oral ulcers.
other great products is a compounded concoction known as 'magic mouth wash'
which is a RX product made up of equal parts of the following
pink benadryl liquid
mint mylanta/maloxx/or kaopektate liquid
nystatin liquid(antifungal RX only item)
Lidocaine jelly 2 % (RX only numbing agent)
ask your dentist about these things
i being a fellow sufferer of mouth ulcers, nursing student and pharmacy tech, i wouldnt steer you wrong


The most simplest of all remedies for mouth ulcer is stop using paste while your brush. You will see by evening the pain has subsided.

If u insist for a paste, get any SLS free toothpaste (I used SQUIGLE) and by next day morning you will find the ulcer has reduced in size.

For immediate, temporary relief from any mouth wound/ulcer (along the cheek) use Glycerin.



Alum works. You can find it with pickling spices. It makes you pucker and has a strange affect on mouth and lips, but it isn't nearly as bad as the pain of ulcers. I had chapped lips for more than a year, and applying alum for 4 nites in a row, the lips are cured. This is a remedy used by my grandparents.


I don't really know what alum is but I know its in the spice section at the grocery store. Hope this helps...Good luck!

Anonymous, are you a freaking hillbilly? It's HEAL not HILL. LOL!

I'm going to have to try this alum thing. What if you ram a pickle on the ulser if alum is in the ingredients?

Hopefully it 'hills' me. LOL ;)


For those of you with mouth ulcers. What type of tootpaste are you using? I used my free sample of Crest with whitening and had mouth ulcers, everyone in my family tried it and the same thing happen to them. We threw every tube away, and notified our dentist. If your ulcers are from herpes, we use Lysine. Can be found near the vitamins.


what is alum and where can i find it?

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