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For mouth ulcers, use alum. Take a cotton swab and place alum on infected area.

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This Works, I get mouth ulcers alot and this is the only thing I found that really takes the pain away, just apply a small amount on the ulcer and wait a few seconds, may burn a little but its really worth it!! The Pain will be gone!!


I had hand foot and mouth disease, and my doctor advised alum. I had ulcers under my tongue, on my toungue, on my gums, my lips, and the inside of my cheeks. The alum really stung, but afterwords the pain was significantly lower, and they healed quicker than most people expected. Also, try swishing any thick liquid in your mouth (corn syrup, even milk) it will temporarly coat your mouth to allow temporary pain relief !


I used to get mouth ulcers all the time when I was a kid and alum got rid of the pain and helped heal the sore very quickly.


what is alum?

There is actually no way to get rid of fuckin' mouth ulcers.They come again and again like an unwelcomed guest.I hate all doctors because they are unable to hill a simple mouth ulcer.I wish i could fuck all of them.But one thing that remove pain for life time i.e climb a tower and jump from there will remove all kind of pain.As i have not done this ,so my ulcers live below my tongue all the time.They are my best company for life time..but believe me there is a product named KENALOG in orabase,made in spain can hill the pain but it is expensive.


LOL. i've 6 ulcers in my mouth at the time of writing


Getting your husband to kiss you repeatedly works second best. A little alum helps too :P


Climbing a tower and jumping seems a bit extreme (except for the idiot that posted the stupid comment about doing so as a remedy for a mouth ulcer). I would try salt, it's painful, but seems to shorten the duration. I've also used 'viadent' mouthwash and it works pretty well.




Yes and where can you buy it??

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