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Hoping to help

Ive had migraines after i had my daughter. A friend of mine told me a very good remedy
'Abuelita chocolate' its a hot chocolate mix, you can find it in pretty much any store.
This other one is a little more complicated its called 'RUDA PLANT' i think its 'reu' plant in english. Its a european plant, very strong.
Ok well in a small saucepan add about 1 cup of whole milk, add in a good amount of the'ruda' plant. once the milk is consumed with the smell (trust me you'll notice the smell in your whole house) add a whole bar of the chocolate bring to a boil until the chocolate is dissolved.
Drink hot
CAUTION!! DO NOT DRINK IF PREGNANT, it is said that this plant is also used as a purposal miscarriage plant

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Could it possibly be the caffeine in the chocolate? Seems both cures cal for it.


I'm glad to hear of the Ruda plant. I suffer with migraines 4-6 times a month so it is a big part of my life. I have tried what seems like everything, but not this. Where do you get the Ruda plant? And the chocolate bar is in with the mix? Thanks so much!

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