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Peppermint infusion!

Nourish your body instead of trying to fix it. Get enough sleep of course. For those with issues with sleeping (including me) peppermint works for that too. Hops is a strong sleep aid as well. Drink a hops tea before bed.

Everyone has different symptoms for panic attacks. Mine involve uncontrollable tremors. I either get very hot or cold. The air feels thick, too thick to breathe.

I am fairly new to all of this. I have only had these attacks at this level for a year. They are frequent especially the week before menstration. I have at least two a week. It was almost everyday for a while.

I have only had one in the past four months! No meds. I don't like pills. Something about swallowing a compact powdered chemically designed in a lab sounds mighty unnatural. I have been drinking peppermint infusion. An infusion is four cups boiling water to one ounce herb. Let sit covered for at least four hours.

Peppermint tea is nice but it doesn't extract enough goodies from the herb.

Nettle and oatstraw are excellent sources of nourishment for a strong body and energy.

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I have too much anxiety a week and during my menstruation. It is horrible that i dread the time before i have my period. my family says it is normal but mine is different. It destroys my normal life and relationship. I become too negative and depressed. Oh my, I don't know what else to do aftr the many things I have tried


When you wrote about your extreme anxiety in relationship with your period, you were also telling my story. I'm 44 and my anxiety is out of control and I'm on a rollercoaster but can't get off. Never had this before a year or so ago, just the usual pms That's why I decided to see what others are trying. You aren't alone!


Sounds like you two might have PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Disphoric Disorder)

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