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I've tried most of the treatments and finally found that a 50mg zinc tablet on the sore really works. I had a sore 1/2 inch around for almost a month and nothing worked until the zinc tablet. My lip swelled up and felt like rubber. The next morning no more pain and it actually started to heal. Try it. It's a cheap solution.

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this does work...i tried it and wow...i was so surprised and very very very happy!...thank you


So do you just hold the tablet on the sore for a while? If so, for how long? And I have more than one sore so could I use the same pill?


i just tried this and my lip has really swollen up. its like 3 times the size. will this continue or should I go to a doctor? starting to worry me. at least it doesnt hurt anymore!


It stings like anything but Yes it works.. thanks so much

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