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The Dr.

I found a cure for herpes, drink food grade hydrogen peroxide mix it with 8 oz of water, follow instructions here at look up hydrogen peroxide cure for herpes, also research this topic over the intranet. I was cured in 2 mo. and suffered from this for 10 years. This kills all viruses in your body.
you can buy it online at

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if your a woman put a capful of the peroxide and mix it with water for a will never have another outbreak, everytime you start to feel any tingle at all, douche immediatly, this kills all viruses on contact, Hydrogen peroxide works to deliver oxygen to your body, germs and virsus cannot live in an oxygen rich environment, this is why we use peroxide when we get cuts or scraps it's the same concept and a cure, makes you wonder why this cure is not more readily made available, it's all about the old mighty dollar, valtrex and other drugs are a very expensive drug, rather than cure the person, the government would rather make some money.


I have some serious doubts about this method. First off i have said this before, there is no cure and anyone that tells you that is full of crap. You may not have an outbreak but that isn't to say that it isn't still in your system. I am pretty sure my doctor would have said something to me, because we have that kind of relationship. He never pushed me to take an antiviral, he knew it was my choice. My biggest concern is what affect does the HP have on your body. An old friend drank HP and it ate his stomach lining, so i would never ingest something my doctors didn't perscribe, and is this FDA approved for drinking.


ok, happy herpes to you :):) if you wish not to try this:) don't stay in strife too long now :)


Preciate the info, but some details were left out, like how many times a day or per week should you consume the the food hydrogen and the total length of time in all? Thanks in advance


For directions----type this EDUCATE YOURSELF DAVID WILLIAMS in your internet search and read the article all info about how to drink and when to drink it are listed


Hi just wondering...did you ever stop the program after you tested negative or do you still periodically consume HP?


on this site research other peoples testimony's to douching with hydrogen peroxide. It works as well!!


going to order some food grade hydrogen peroxide after reading the benefits of it in this article:

there is information on how to properly ingest/mix the hydrogen peroxide and the schedule you should use through the detox process. thanks so much for this info, as i have read through 7 pages of this site. im also going to pick up some aloe vera and lemon balm so i can soothe the area... i am on aclyovir(sp) and it makes me so sick and tired. i even got sent home from work tonight for being hungover...which i wasnt. it made me sad to be picked on for something i cant change. thanks for the help


I have to share this. I suffered for years from this virus. Tried this method about a year ago... So far nothing no outbreak not even a sign of one... I thank the almighty god for this. You people have no idea. It WORKS!!!


Common sense to the person that said their friend tried HP therapy and it ate out his stomach lining, common sense YOU ALWAYS DRINK PLENTY PLENTY WATER DOUBLE THE AMOUNT WHEN USING HP THERAPY DUH! So instead of drinking 8 glasses of water per day, with HP therapy, you would drink 16 glasses a day double the amount to prevent acid erosion on your stomach lining. This is just common sense.

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