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The Dr

I found a cure for herpes, drink food grade hydrogen peroxide mix it with 8 oz of water, follow instructions here at look up hydrogen peroxide cure for herpes, also research this topic over the intranet. I was cured in 2 mo. and suffered from this for 10 years. This kills all viruses in your body.
you can buy it online at

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Read this article on how to drink it.
type in this search on the intranet...educate yourself david williams. Here you will find step by step instructions by Dr David Williams on how to drink the hydrogen peroxide. I'm glad your doing this. It is the cure. Happy cure to all :)


if your a woman put a capful of the peroxide and mix it with water for a will never have another outbreak, everytime you start to feel any tingle at all, douche immediatly, this kills all viruses on contact, Hydrogen peroxide works to deliver oxygen to your body, germs and virsus cannot live in an oxygen rich environment, this is why we use peroxide when we get cuts or scraps it's the same concept and a cure, makes you wonder why this cure is not more readily made available, it's all about the old mighty dollar, valtrex and other drugs are a very expensive drug, rather than cure the person, the government would rather make some money.


How long do you need to continue with the mainentance dosage to be cured?


I did it for 2 mo, everyone is different...body size; structure, ect. do this until you are cured and you should know this. Read the article as I've previously posted intructions for, I cannot post a weblink here. This is all you need. Thanks and let us all know when your cured...:)


i cannot find the steps to the food grade remedy could you provide them please. i have herpes and i have had a cold sore or blister brfore. i have never had a sore around my vaginal area but every so months i get an ob in the middle of my left butt cheek. im just looking for something that could possibly cure it but if not put it into remission. im not sure how long i have it but i was diagnosed about 2 months ago


open up your internet, go to
then type this in your search bar.....educate yourself david williams----the article will come up under educate


try mixing Hydorgen peroxide with water in a spray bottle and spray around that area to kill the virus on contact, you should douche also with this, since you have the virus inside your body this will deliver the hp to your system directly helping to kill the virus.....see other blogs about this regarding the success with hp from others it does work. I have not had ann outbreak since.

soon to b cured

Ok so I am doing the foodgrade hydrogen peroxide therapy. I have been on it for a lil over a month now, at 25 drops 3 times a day I am almost done with my 1st week of 25/3 and was thinking of going down to the 25 drops 2 times a day. I can tell the H202 is fighting the virus, however i am still breaking out, but more frequently now. I did read somewhere that when the virus is close to the skin, this is good b/c it is pushin its way out, and to continue saturating ur body with the H202 to fully extract it and kill the virus from inside out. SO this must be a form of the cleansing crisis I presume.

My question is how long did you need to stay at 25 drops 3/day? I know everyone is different, but i am just curious on your experience with it...

Also I wanted to suggest to others...when having or beginning to have an OB, bathe in a tub full of water w/ 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, then when u get out, dry off and apply 3% Hydrogen peroxide with a wash cloth and keep it on for 10min, then air dry for 10 min and repeat at least 2 or 3 times. take some vitamin E and galic also internally(even externally if you can stand the burn for 20min) if you have it, if not the H202 alone will still do wonders. I literally witnessed an OB go from as bad as one could possible get to almost completely gone within about an hr, this is from personal experience, but every one's body is a little different, is definitely worth the try tho.
KEEP IN MIND, I am doing the H202 therapy as well... so it could be from attcking the virus from ALL angles.
Good curing! :)


my experience was getting worse first, then getting better as well. I also douched with this as well. I bought a regular bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% from the store and mixed a capful with water in a douche bottle and douched everyday with this for 2 months straight. I bought the food grade for dinking purposes. I was having outbreaks two or three times per month...For you I would keep the same dosage until it gets better than stops. I promise this works, I have not had another outbreak since. Please douche with this as well as you will double up on this virus...killing it and flushing it out of your system once and for all. See the other blogs on this site regarding douching with this works


Have the HP come back or are u still cure

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