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this sounds crazy...but if you chew tobacco you know its not. a little pinch of chewing tobacco will heal just about any kind of mouth sore. if you dont chew...camel and marlboro make spitless chewing pouches called snus that dont make you sick. it works for me every time i get a canker sore, in less then 24 hours its completely gone. the tobacco kills the bacteria in the sore instantly.

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and then will proceed to give you oral cancer.


thats stupid because chewing tobacco gives you mouth sores. wow


The world needs less stupid people. So by all means keep using your tobacco. It will remedy the rest of us from mongoloids like yourself.

Drew Greenwood

this site is for home remedies, and this is one. why comment on this like they committed a crime. i chew and really believe it works so before you talk smart, be smart. oh and the mongoloid thing your an idiot! (Anthropology . of, pertaining to, or characteristic of one of the traditional racial divisions of humankind, marked by yellowish complexion, prominent cheekbones, epicanthic folds about the eyes, and straight black hair, and including the Mongols, Manchus, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Annamese, Siamese, Burmese, Tibetans, and, to some extent, the Eskimos and the American Indians: no longer in technical use.)


It really infuriates me that people are so fricken mean! As the other person said, this site is home remedies! I really try to think the world is full of good people and the evil in ppl is few and far between. When I read comments as you people wrote it reinforces the fact that our world is full of mean, hateful, uneducated asses. If u don't like a home remedy someone posts, is it really necessary to tear them down and wish death on them? ! I mean really!!! People suck!


I believe there is some truth in this because my whole childhood I battled canker sores and then I started smoking (and poof!) no more canker sores! I quit smoking because it is so bad and unhealthy but guess what- the canker sores came right back! I assumed it was the smoke that must have dried my mouth out but maybe it was the tobacco all along! Just because something is bad for you doesn't mean it doesn't have medicinal benefits. Just like most of the drugs prescribed to us!


I believe that is one reason tobacco became so popular in the first place, due to the medicinal qualities - remember way back when no one knew it caused cancer with overuse.

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