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Vanilla Extract for an abscessed tooth -- just swished around my mouth for a minute or so (had no QTips) -- and it worked -- almost instantly!! Still tender and sore, but the swelling has gone tremendously and 12 hours later is still down. Have since seen the dentist and am getting my antibiotics -- but at midnight last night - this was a lifesaver. Thanks to all posted!

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Mr g

Disabled veterans exposed to chemicals have to pull their own teeth. Sometimes you pass out doing it, but when you come to, you either feel better or have the second try. I have had to pull four on my won now because the VA refuses to help veterans with dental care. Pain goes straight to the heart and veterans (most have high blood-pressure) sure way of getting rid of them, thats for sure, eh, no one cares anyhoo.


My boyfriend has a prob with abscess tooth quite often....can't afford dental so I hope this vanilla abstract thing really works!


did the vanilla work?

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