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expecting mom

Whether or not they're permanent, my best remedy would be to prevent stretch marks before they're a problem. I suggest using a lotion high in vitamin E. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant, and don't have one single stretch mark.

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I hope you don't get any but even if you do, so what. I didn't have any up to the hour of delivery, yet after the baby came I noticed them a week later on my shrivelled belly. Guess what, the bundle of joy was worth every single one of them. My sister who had her baby two weeks before had none on her belly but had them on her breasts. I have none on my breast. Pamper yourself and enjoy your pregnancy.


I didn't have any either, or so I thought until two girls at work said are you sure get a mirror and look under your belly, and low and behold their they were!


My name is Melanie and I am 14 years old. Last summer I started seeing marks on my thighs. I weighed about 110 pounds and my thighs were getting bigger, so I thought if I lost weight they would go away. I now weigh about 115-120 and my marks have multiplied and gotten darker. I am afriad to stretch or get changed in P.E. for fear that someone would see them. I hate not being like the other kids, I see all of the them, skinnier and unblemished, and I just want to cry. I looked up some remedies and found one that was relatively interesting. It said to mix lotion with ground coffee and rub it over the affected area. So far I have been doing it for two days, and the silver ones have gotten slightly lighter, and the dark, maroon ones are too. Could just be the lighting, but I want to fade them quickly before it ruins my life. I am afraid to wear shorts, or skirts, and when the summer comes, I will be too self-concious to wear a bathing-suit. I don't want to miss out on all the fun stuff, but my mom has stretch marks too and I think she envies the fact that they're only on my thighs, so she won't let me do anything about them. Is there anything I can do to them without raising her suspicion? My bathroom already smells like coffee.:p
Please, email me at to give me discreet advice. (kinda ironic huh? Coffee...hehe.) Please, feel free, and type the subject as STRETCH MARKS and I will respond immediately. Thank you :P

Lynn n Mobile, AL

Well, girls, lets face it we gonna get some stretch marks, but atleast you can keep that tummy of yours good & lubed to try not to get any more than you may get.

Now. for those of you who already have them. And i mean REAL bad ones, you might as well hang it up & live with it. My sis n law has BAD ones on her tummy...and she has tried e-v-e-r-y thing, i think, and still they are there.

Excercise to tighten you tummy after having the baby will help some. But we are all individuals & our skin reacts differently. So adhere to your own skins needs.


Amen sisters! I was 9 months pregnant and completely stretch mark free... that is until a week after my due date. They spread like wildfire! My son was officially two weeks late and 10lbs 8oz. I thought I was lucky... but in the end yikes!


I think it is sort of sad that we are all on here trying to get rid of stretch marks. I have them. I was a swimmer until age 13. When I stopped, my body went, oh, bingo, now you become a woman...breasts grew from A to C in about 6 months. I did not gain weight. It was just all redistributed. Got those purple stretch marks all over my breasts and hips and inner thighs. Now I am 30 and they are still there, though faded to silver. I am an exfoliater and a lotion addict. It is funny because I stopped even thinking about them until two days ago when I went on a date with a guy who told me all about his last girlfriend's pregnancy and how she has no stretch marks, how her skin was so amazing, etc.. Awesome, here I am and not ever had a child, not overweight, and covered with em. Talk about not making you want to go out much more with him!!! Anyhow, the point I am making is that we should all accept our bodies and love our selves and be comfortable in our own skin, even with the stretch marks!!!


Well you girls dont know what your talking i have had THREE kids and i do not have any stretch marks anywhere if you take care of your skin then stretch marks would not be a problem for you dont hate on her because your all STRETCHED OUT!!


your stupid


You know it realy is not just a girl 18 year old son has asked if he can have laser treatment to remove the ones on his sides and thighs. The fact is he is good looking and a really great guy. We all need to look at what the person is like and be less hung up on looks...seems we are missing what is really important.


FYI- I have a 5 yr. old and I didn't get any stretch marks until after he was born. I tried aloe vera gel, baby oil gel,cocoa butter and everything I think it's genetics as with alot of skin ailments

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