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this may be kinda odd but masturbation has worked for me. it doesn't make it go completely away but the pleasure makes the pain almost go completely away. once again maybe odd to you but my boyfriend goes down on me and once i climax i'm worn out and go to sleep within a few mins. my migraines normally put me in the hospital because i throw up almost non stop until its just bile which is really bad for your throat. the pain sometimes gets so bad i pull hair out.
the only medicine for pain that has ever worked for me is Oxycontin (Oxycodone)(its known to be really addictive but it never was for me, be careful!) if i go to the hospital they give me a bottle of 10 of 30mg. i would love to get a prescription but my Dr wont :(
i'm going to try the red onion remedy i'll keep you guys posted!

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oxycodone is not oxycontin dear, it is percoset, oxycontin is effectively heroin.


also if you tell the nurse that you are allergic to hydrocodone (vicatin) asit makes you break out in a rash, the default alternative is oxycodone, and u will not be offered anything less.


in my case the above is true


Masterbation works because it releases endorfins in the brain. Running will do the same thing. See a doctor first, but walking or sprinting or jogging won't do it. It has to be sustained running for like 5 miles.


i would just like to say i suffer from migraines a few times a week and nothing ever works well tonight i tried masterbation and it worked so thank u!


this is funny. but I think I'll try it. Anything that gets rid of these awful things.


Are you serious?!? 'tell them you are allergic to hydrocodone, and they will give you oxy.'
Let me tell you, I am an ER nurse who also suffers from migraines. It is people like you that make it hard for honest people to get relief. Be ashamed! Do not lie to get drugs! It's against the law and you aren't kidding anybody. Dr's and NP's keep notes. We know who is cheating the system.


Orgasm works also because it sends lots of Oxytocin (the hormone of calm, and connection like when nursing your baby)into your system, not just endorphins. Think afterglow. On an energy level orgasm clears lots of blocks in your energy flow, better than acupuncture for headaches. If it doesn't work it's because you need to feel more heart connected and breathe deeper, even if just with yourself, self love is the true healer.

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