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I recently had chelitus and i can honestly say it was horrible and it affected my confidence in a big way.
I saw the doc and she gave me a steroid cream called Daktacort Hydrocortosone cream and applyed this 3x a day for a week. The chelitis itself took about 10 days to go down but after i was left with extremly sore lips. The burning sensation was horrible and they were flaking so much it was embarassing. I tried applying vaseline every couple of hours but i found this didnt help and often made them dry out more. I went back to the doctor who said this was a common symptom after chelitus and he offered me nothing. I found a lip balm called Blistex Moisturising- this litrelly sorted me out in a couple of hours. I cannot reccomend this enough for the aftermath of this horrible infection!
A few tips i did to get rid of chelitus which i think helped...
*changed my toothbrush
*changed to a natural toothpaste (i found my current one was making me sting)
*Afterwards use Blistex

My infection was pretty bad and luckally i am back to my usual self. I understand what its like and hope this helps anyone who has this now.

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it says that daktacort is not to be used on face and especialy not on your mouth...


I know it says this but the doctor said that it is actually great for chelitus and it did clear up mine.

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