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I put a little hydrocortisone cream on my babies head and the next morning it was gone, Tried olive oil, combing, ect.

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Our ped recommended the same but we stopped using it since there were some articles on the net relating hydrocortisone to cushions syndrome or smth.


I am personally not a fan of using steroids in any form and hydrocortisone is a topical steroid.


a couple of days of sparsely applied mild hydrocortisone cream once a day(0.5% if you can get it) is my choice if shea butter or olive oil don't work. It won't cause Cushings. Only possible theoretically with very prolonged, potent (prescription only) steroids applied over a large proportion of the body will cause Cushings.

'Natural Mum' and family doctor (with extensive dermatology experience)

Dr Mom

hydrocortisone cream is not safe on small babys unless directed by your own pediatrician.

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