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Take half cup of white vinager and add one table spoon of salt in it . Wash you mouth daily before going to bed. You will absolutly find your teeth dazling and strong.

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Vinegar is acidic and will cause irreprable damage to the tooth enamle. This is a totaly irresponsible suggestion!!


this does seem to work, but i wouldnt recommend it, it burn your mouth to f**k, and i would hate the thought of somebody swallowing that amount of vinegar, would ruin ur insides too!


Above two comments are from morons


Both of them are correct..


Vinegar is alkaline, not acidic and is used extensively to correct acidic conditions in the body that produce an anaerobic state, which causes disease. Apple cider vinegar with 'mother' is the best and 2 tablespoons of it in an 8 oz glass of water twice daily is amazing for curing so much in the body, helps with weight loss, and gives you a ton of energy and mental clarity.

Chemistry Troll

LOL vinegar is alkaline?!?

Vinegar is otherwise known as acetic acid or ethanoic acid, with the chemical formula CH3COOH. Anything with a -COOH functional group is known as a carboxylic acid.

Although it is an acid, it's pH is very low. pH (potential of H+) are measured in log scales, meaning every number it increases, the concentration of H+ ions (which is the cause of acidity) increases ten fold. Vinegar has a pH of about 3, which means it is 100 times less acidic than hydrochloric acid of pH 1.

Vinegar is safe for consumption, but as with all other things, moderation is a key to staying healthy.

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