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Rub hair conditioner in hair every night for 2 weeks. Rinse each morning, the lice will be gone. This worked after 2 years of battling lice with nix and other medications, they were all a waste of money. The hair conditioner does it guaranteed!!!!

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if the hair conditioner works so well then why would someone who uses conditioner regularly when washing their hair wind up getting lice?


I use conditioner regualarly, but I don't sleep in it all night. Maybe that's the difference! I think the object is to suffocate - not make pretty hair.


I havent tryed this yet I may try it what do I have to lose


I think the difference is when you use regular conditioner, you leave it on for a few minutes...max. With this remedy, I thin you leave it on over night. The probem is, I put heavy conditioner on last night and lept with it on (at least 6 hours) and today? I still have an itchy scalp!! These things are disgusting and, I believe, not from our modern world!! Why are they sooooo resistant?!?!?!?!?


Hair Conditioner paralyzes lice for 20 minutes. It will not kill them. But it will help in removing them. I coat my daughters hair with conditioner and comb through it every night with the conditioner still on to catch any lice that may be on her head.


Research the life cycle of lice and you'll find some claims that they can survive at least 24 hours underwater - that is their nature to be able to go into a dormant state. I used hair gel and even hair glue for over 24 hours, then had nits hatching later on the next day, run to the top of my head, and bite the blue-living devil out of me.


The only benefit I got from conditioner was using Suave coconut conditioner overnight (wrapped in towel or shower cap) to stop the horrible itching. To kill lice I used Listerine for 2 hours (under a shower cap and wrapped in a towel to catch the dripping). I rinsed with warm and then saturated with vinegar to loosen the nit glue. I left this on for 2-3 hours. The next night I did Listerine for 5 hours and vinegar overnight - but that was because I was so paranoid from having a bad infestation and had gone for 4 months with different treatments that didn't work: Lice Away compound, hair gels, Lice MD, olive oil, etc.

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