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20 years old and diagnosed with genital herpes in December 2010...I thought my life was over. I told my boyfriend I had it and he instantly said I didn't get it from him. But after doing a little research and educating ourselves it is possible to have herpes and be asymptomatic...herpes also can lay dormant in your body for years until it decides to surface. But since Dec I have had a total of two small outbreaks that I blame poor eating habits on (college student) but to take care of my outbreaks I haved used carmex to rub on any forming blisters and it also helps with the itching. I have also purchased organic apple cider vinegar that I drink 2 tablespoons in a glass of water 3 times a day. I also apply it topically but it burns like hell! But will also lessen the pain and itch DRAMATICALLY. Ladies do not give up hope. Think of herpes as nothing more than a simple skin disease :) do no let herpes stop you from enjoying life

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Very encouraging and inspiring


Thanks for the advice. I'm having outbreaks more often now with stress. Getting divorced, he gave it to me and it's sad and scary to think that you have that STD, how can you tell your next partner?.


I just found out today that I have herpes, and I'm turning 20 this month. I thought it was the end of the world and I felt ashamed because the stereotypical response to herpes, is oh they must have slept around with so many parteners, but that is not me at all. Reading this post gave me comfort and confidence, and my boyfriend for almost a year now, has been very supporting of me. Thanks.


You're right - just a simple skin annoyance.

Miss Houston

its crazy how were all 19-20 years old in this situation. i know that there are more ppl at a diff age with herpes but wow, seems a lil sad :( .. but you are right you made me look at it in a better perspective ... i have a skin annoyance lol :) god bless


what a wonderful way of looking at it! i am 21 and it will be a year in july that i was diagnosed. i am just recently coming to grips with the situation, but the second i hear of a cure, my name will be first on the list!

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