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After TEN YEARS of fighting the toenail fugus I finally WON!!

* No oral drugs or injections
* Easy
* Application of treatment takes very little time (especially compared to the other treatments I've read)

Decolorized Iodine (also known as clear iodine - non staining).

You need an antiseptic. The infection is on the skin under the nail. There are a lot of antispectics out there but they have to be 'thin' enough to get through the nail (liquid surface tension, viscosity).

Iodine absorbs in the nail in SECONDS. It also leaves NO staining - completely clear.

Other antiseptics - Bleach(chlorine), Peroxide (including Hydrogen and urine), Chlorhexidine Gluconate (hospital skin cleaner) are too thick even if you soak your toes in them (although chlorine can make a little difference)

Not widely available. I found it at CVS for $5, but it was not at Walgreens or Walmart for me. Mine came in a brown bottle even though the liquid is clear and dries clear.

A treatment consisted dipping a q-tip in the bottle and painting your infected nails and the skin that is close to the nail. Repeat (double dipping's ok!) until all infected nails are saturated (it can take ten times). Then leave to dry (takes less than a minute).

THAT'S IT! In less than a half an hour you might feel the skin under your nails tingling. You know it's working!!

If it hurts at anytime while applying, you have hit a pocket of infection. Stop and wait the next day to try again.

I STRONGLY recommend that you do this in the bathtub. Until the iodine is absorbed, it smells like cat urine; but that's only for a few seconds. But if you spill the bottle you want easy clean up.

What I did was apply it 3 times a day for 4 days, then once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month for 3 months. I don't know if more would be faster or if less is fine. In 6 weeks I was amazed at the change in my toes and nails.

Change in 6 weeks
* My toe skin looked healthier
* Light pink nail was growing out the bottom
* My right big toe left side of the nail had (before treatment) began to detact completely making another toe nail! After 6 weeks it began to reattach a full 1/8 inch!!!

Now (5 months later)
They look great. The only sign left is a major ridge that you can't see (but use to see) but I can feel it with my finger. My right toe nail has completely reattached.

I would like to say that when you get rid of this infection, your body will fight other infections faster and you'll feel healthier too.

So don't let anyone, nurse or doctor tell you it can't be done!!

I have pictures but I guess I'll had to describe them instead.



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Thank you, thank you this really worked I could see a huge change in just a few days!!!!!


Mark, I can't tell you how glad I am to have found your post here. Once I read it, it made perfect sense and I had nothing else to lose, so I tried it. It almost seemed too easy(cause it is), but it has worked wonders!!! And after 8 years hiding my ever-worsening toenails(both big toes were affected and getting worse as time has gone on) and nothing ever working, this is unbelievable! I'm soooo happy!! I could tell it was working right away ---and after being perpetually disappointed with so many so-called 'cures' that don't work, this one really REALLY works!!! (just be careful cause that iodine can definitely stain your floor, walls, etc.) I am SO GRATEFUL to have read this post - it has changed my life!! Please everyone on here - tell as many people as you can about this -- we all know how much suffering this has caused us --- and how many BOGUS CURES are out there on the internet---- and we also know there's a world of others who NEED TO KNOW that this problem can be completely ELIMINATED w/this easy, easy cure! Think of the joy we can bring to others by sharing this easy cure w/others who have shared our common ailment. I for one, am so happy to be nearly completely healed of this scourge that I thought I'd never be free from - and I just want everyone else who suffers from it to be free from it too!!!! God bless you Mark for posting this --- I never ever thought my nails would EVER be cured and they are almost completely back to normal now - just a little more to go!!! WOOHOO!!!


Exactly the same thoughts as FinallyFree, the poster before be . Right now i'm 20 years old and soon turning 21 and i've had this bitch slowly eating away on my toes for about 4 years now . Also tried different things and done some research, but what i find ridiculous is the fact that noone has ever told me or actually anyone about this SIMPLE SIMPLE technique before ! Medical companies are bastards .

Another 'Thank you' thrown at your way, Mark!


This is Mark. Fyi - I've been going to a doctor once a year for the last few years. Each of those times they take a urine sample and notice that my white blood count has been elevated. Each time they tell me that I'm fighting a infection somewhere but it's not high enough for cancer so they don't care.

But this year last week they said my sample is perfectly clean, perfect white count i.e., no infection!!



Decolorized Iodine regulated by gov't ... maybe state ... not sold in MO drug stores. Had to order from Walgreens online. Quick delivery though.



Its the guy from the UK again. I managed to get the iodine on ebay international as you suggested (great idea), however it is only 2% solution. I have been using it generously 3 or 4 times a day for over a week now and it hasn't really made much difference. Does anybody know a particular brand I should be searching for that does a higher percentage of the decolorized iodine, or even better, does anyone know a website that sells it? I couldnt find it on walgreens and CVS dont ship outside the US.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


@SS ~ I bought my bottle in the States. It's the CVS pharmacy brand. The active ingredients listed is: alcohol 45%, ammonium, & potassium iodines 6.7 - 7.1%. Hope that helps.

Cedar park mama

Just a warning...

I am very exited to try this on my poor big toe. I went to and looked up the iodine. It seems to be pretty safe as far as absorption....unless you are pregnant or nursing.

It can cause hyper thryroidism in your infant either in hydro or through breast milk.

So now I have to wait to try this until I am done least 6 more months...dang!!!!!

Thank you Mark...I can't wait to see if this works!


I have had it on my big toe only for 4 years. My doc said he treated his own without the dreaded oral drug by using Lamisil cream each night. He said the trick was to put something over the toe so the Lamisil stayed on it all night.
I have been doing so for atleast 2 years...had it almost cleared up several times but it came back :(
I read Marks suggestion and decided to try it. At the time my nail was about 1/2 grown out. I put it on twice a day. Within 5 days the fungus had taken over the entire nail again.
Hope it works for the rest of you, it did not for me.


I really want to try this remedy. I have an event on mid september, I'll be wearing a dress so open toe shoes is a must. Just wondering will it make my nails fall off? I'm planning on hiding my ugly fungus with nail polish. I'm just paranoid I dont know if i should try it now or after September.

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