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After TEN YEARS of fighting the toenail fugus I finally WON!!

* No oral drugs or injections
* Easy
* Application of treatment takes very little time (especially compared to the other treatments I've read)

Decolorized Iodine (also known as clear iodine - non staining).

You need an antiseptic. The infection is on the skin under the nail. There are a lot of antispectics out there but they have to be 'thin' enough to get through the nail (liquid surface tension, viscosity).

Iodine absorbs in the nail in SECONDS. It also leaves NO staining - completely clear.

Other antiseptics - Bleach(chlorine), Peroxide (including Hydrogen and urine), Chlorhexidine Gluconate (hospital skin cleaner) are too thick even if you soak your toes in them (although chlorine can make a little difference)

Not widely available. I found it at CVS for $5, but it was not at Walgreens or Walmart for me. Mine came in a brown bottle even though the liquid is clear and dries clear.

A treatment consisted dipping a q-tip in the bottle and painting your infected nails and the skin that is close to the nail. Repeat (double dipping's ok!) until all infected nails are saturated (it can take ten times). Then leave to dry (takes less than a minute).

THAT'S IT! In less than a half an hour you might feel the skin under your nails tingling. You know it's working!!

If it hurts at anytime while applying, you have hit a pocket of infection. Stop and wait the next day to try again.

I STRONGLY recommend that you do this in the bathtub. Until the iodine is absorbed, it smells like cat urine; but that's only for a few seconds. But if you spill the bottle you want easy clean up.

What I did was apply it 3 times a day for 4 days, then once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month for 3 months. I don't know if more would be faster or if less is fine. In 6 weeks I was amazed at the change in my toes and nails.

Change in 6 weeks
* My toe skin looked healthier
* Light pink nail was growing out the bottom
* My right big toe left side of the nail had (before treatment) began to detact completely making another toe nail! After 6 weeks it began to reattach a full 1/8 inch!!!

Now (5 months later)
They look great. The only sign left is a major ridge that you can't see (but use to see) but I can feel it with my finger. My right toe nail has completely reattached.

I would like to say that when you get rid of this infection, your body will fight other infections faster and you'll feel healthier too.

So don't let anyone, nurse or doctor tell you it can't be done!!

I have pictures but I guess I'll had to describe them instead.



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Hi this is Mark, the author of this entry with an update.

Now (8 months later)
The major ridge on my left big toenail has ended creating a white line across the nail. (like the white line one gets on a pulled back fingernail). Above the line (old) is the ridge; below the line is new and perfect nail. The line had moved half way up the left big toenail. The right big toenail has been perfect during this time.

I been doing a treatment every time I cut my toenails which is about once every 6 weeks. I treat my nails in the bathtub, shower, then cut them.

The health of my toenails are at least as good now as they were 15 years ago!


I had this problem for about 3 yrs tried everything and nothing seeem to help in the meanwhile my toes where getting worse i found this website and I am trying this and so far it helped!!! I am so happy that hopefully soon I wont be embarrased of my feet anymore! Ill keep you posted on my future results...Thanks for sharing this! ps I found this bottle at walmart for $2.80!!!!


Mark your the man!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buying my iodine tomorrow! Thank you Mark! You are the man!!!! Tad


Thanks for the post Mark - Like so many others here I too have gone through two different prescription regiments as well as a long list of “home remedies” with no help. I have been fighting with this crud for over 5 years and it is on one big toe both thumb nails as well as all the fingers on my right hand. I am going to give this a shot and I will let you know how it works for me. I will echo another posting and say that people do need to be careful with the amount of iodine your body absorbs – I would not use the iodine any more than what Mark has described.


Does anybody know where I can get this stuff from in the UK? We don't have wal- mart. Also, is it still called decolourised iodine over here or something else?


I have never heard any remedies that gave this much hope for curing my fungal toenail. I've had two nails removed completely and now a third one is completely gray and crumbly from infection. I'm going to try the iodine and attempt to save it. I am immensely grateful to all of you for sharing your knowledge and your stories and especially to the author of this remedy for being so thorough and compelling in your post.


For people in the UK try going to and put 'decolorized iodine' in the search. The screen will say 0 results found; page down and you will find a US company that will ship to the UK for about 3.5 Pounds.

Also called colorless iodine or white iodine.


As for the iodine allergy topic, the number one source of iodine in the US diet is table salt (government required iodine fortified). Also processed food has table salt in it. Number three source is natural in dairy. So if you've ever had any of these products in significant amounts you're not allergic to iodine.

Author, Mark.


I just found and bought the Decolorized Iodine. I hope this works. I have done ALL the claimed home remedies and nothing has worked. Vicks makes my nails look better but that was a false sense of security. It never got rid of the infection. Bleach...not too sure. It burns my skin so I tend to not do it too often. I will post again with results of the Iodine


Just curious ... were your tonails thick too? Just wondering if the new nail growth was a more normal size? I'm going to get the Iodine today! Thank-you for sharing!

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