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After TEN YEARS of fighting the toenail fugus I finally WON!!

* No oral drugs or injections
* Easy
* Application of treatment takes very little time (especially compared to the other treatments I've read)

Decolorized Iodine (also known as clear iodine - non staining).

You need an antiseptic. The infection is on the skin under the nail. There are a lot of antispectics out there but they have to be 'thin' enough to get through the nail (liquid surface tension, viscosity).

Iodine absorbs in the nail in SECONDS. It also leaves NO staining - completely clear.

Other antiseptics - Bleach(chlorine), Peroxide (including Hydrogen and urine), Chlorhexidine Gluconate (hospital skin cleaner) are too thick even if you soak your toes in them (although chlorine can make a little difference)

Not widely available. I found it at CVS for $5, but it was not at Walgreens or Walmart for me. Mine came in a brown bottle even though the liquid is clear and dries clear.

A treatment consisted dipping a q-tip in the bottle and painting your infected nails and the skin that is close to the nail. Repeat (double dipping's ok!) until all infected nails are saturated (it can take ten times). Then leave to dry (takes less than a minute).

THAT'S IT! In less than a half an hour you might feel the skin under your nails tingling. You know it's working!!

If it hurts at anytime while applying, you have hit a pocket of infection. Stop and wait the next day to try again.

I STRONGLY recommend that you do this in the bathtub. Until the iodine is absorbed, it smells like cat urine; but that's only for a few seconds. But if you spill the bottle you want easy clean up.

What I did was apply it 3 times a day for 4 days, then once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month for 3 months. I don't know if more would be faster or if less is fine. In 6 weeks I was amazed at the change in my toes and nails.

Change in 6 weeks
* My toe skin looked healthier
* Light pink nail was growing out the bottom
* My right big toe left side of the nail had (before treatment) began to detact completely making another toe nail! After 6 weeks it began to reattach a full 1/8 inch!!!

Now (5 months later)
They look great. The only sign left is a major ridge that you can't see (but use to see) but I can feel it with my finger. My right toe nail has completely reattached.

I would like to say that when you get rid of this infection, your body will fight other infections faster and you'll feel healthier too.

So don't let anyone, nurse or doctor tell you it can't be done!!

I have pictures but I guess I'll had to describe them instead.



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Fungus fighter

Hello Mark,
can you post some pictures ?


I have been treating my big toe since May. I can't believe how good the nail itself looks. It no longer crumbles and breaks of and it looks really good. My only question to Mark is now I have a bit of a bubble under my toenail and not the nail itself but under it the skin appears darker. Is this something you expericed and will it fade away too. thank you.


Dear Lisa,

Sounds like a blood blister. Maybe you drop something heavy on your toe long ago. Wikipedia has remedies. Some remedies will be limited by it being under the nail.

I've had them before but not under a nail.



Thanks for the posting. I found it most helpful. I started using the decolorized iodine (found it at CVS) about 3 months ago. It is working very well. I have had a fungus in my big toe for about 3 years. It was gross. I went a little more aggressive than your post as I felt like my fungas was more progressed. I used the decolorized iodine 3x/day for 10 days, then 1x/day since then. I keep my nail cut back and filed (on tip and the top surface). I could see changes in my nail after about 1 week although I was not sure if these changes were progress (my nail got very brittle, skin peeled, etc.). After about 2 months I could see significant progress (less yellow, good nail coming in, no more flaky stuff, my nail was reattaching, and the new nail was not thick). I'm at 3 months now and my nail looks about 85% better. I figure in another month or 2 it will be completely gone. I'll reduce the iodine application to 1x per month for a while after the nail fully grows out just to make sure no remaining fungas germs are hanging around. Thank You!! This totally helped me!


Now at the 2 month point, both big toes are growing out- the really bad one has a halfway grown out healthy nail. The very edges are still brown but they're not spreading and growing up the toe as the new nail comes in.
I'm noticing something that other here with stubborn infections have most likely noticed: the improvement comes with regular use and normal trimming- I can see where the infected nail bed is now turning pink once I remove whatever darkened nail that's grown over it.

I wish I'd known about this years ago.



Thanks! the iodine does work - must consist.


For those of you that are getting great results, do you mind emailing pictures. I would love to see them. i've been using this iodine for about a month, but unfortunally I'm not seeing any results. Maybe is too soon. please email me Thanks I will really apriciated.

Abq George

It's been a few months since I started using the clear iodine treatment Mark recommended. I can see improvement in my nails at the bed near the cuticle, and the big toe nails look normal about 1/3 of the way. I got off the iodine for a month and started using the vinegar. I use two separate toothbrushes and scrub the vinegar on the nails and into the sides twice a day. It's important to wash the toothbrush and disenfect it with isopropyl alcohol, then let it dry. I think either trmt works, but it takes a long time to see improvement. The person who posted the detailed use of the vinegar option has good instructions, which I try to follow, but I use the brushes. See you all in 2 - 3 months.


I started this (on day 3) and it really is super easy. The hardest part was finding the white iodine/decolorized iodine because Walgreens does not carry it, but like Mark said they do have it at CVS. We have probably twice as many Walgreens around here as we do anything else, though so it wasn't as convenient.

So far there aren't any big changes, but that's not bothering me since it takes a while for the nails to grow. Through the course of previous treatments most of my big toenails were filed down/gone anyway, so they look pretty nasty right now. The infection is mostly on the two big toes, but I noticed some thickening and cloudiness on some of the others so I'm just treating them all. I try to keep them exposed as much as possible because the air seems to help also. The best thing about this treatment is that it's EASY. It's not a time consuming thing, so I'm much more likely to stick to it. All the other things like soaking and meticulously filing/clipping regularly are too easy to stop because they require discipline and time.

The only thing I really wanted to add is that I also have pretty advanced athlete's foot which has caused the frustrating 'moccasin' or rough, dry, cracked skin on my heels. Sometimes if my feet are too warm and damp (if I go to bed with lotion/socks on) little intensely itchy blisters will show up before morning. It's pretty common for both fungal infections to occur together, so some people might find this helpful in addition to the iodine. WHENEVER I put the iodine on, I take a cotton ball with pure tea tree oil (I also like Tea Tree/Lavender blend from Now Foods because tea tree smells terrible) and just swab the entire bottom of my feet. Before when I did this, I would put my socks on right away so I wouldn't track oil all over when I walked around, that only made my feet sweat and the smell hung around. So now after I put the tea tree oil on, I let it dry before I put socks on. After a couple of minutes the oil will be pretty soaked in so I walk around without socks on and it's not a problem. So far it seems to be helping. Since it's winter, I wear socks more often and when I take my shoes off after coming in the house the socks will a lot of times be damp. Since I've been doing the tea tree before socks, that doesn't seem to be happening.

I also threw out all of my socks and got cotton ones instead. Going to treat my shoes with vinegar and then when it actually gets cold (where the HELL is winter?) I'll leave them in the garage over night so they can freeze.

Remember that if you have athletes foot, it can become toenail fungus easily, and vice versa. Therefore, it's easy to get jock itch, so put socks on BEFORE underwear, so you don't accidentally spread it. There is a lot more burning involved in treating the fungus at the groin area!!

Has anyone else had long term results?

Thank you for suggesting this, Mark!


I have been doing this treatment for the past six months, it seems like one day there's progress and next day you're back at square one. It takes so long to grow that I don't remember what they looked like at there worst. But I'm not giving up hope just yet, will see in another six

Hang in there


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