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After TEN YEARS of fighting the toenail fugus I finally WON!!

* No oral drugs or injections
* Easy
* Application of treatment takes very little time (especially compared to the other treatments I've read)

Decolorized Iodine (also known as clear iodine - non staining).

You need an antiseptic. The infection is on the skin under the nail. There are a lot of antispectics out there but they have to be 'thin' enough to get through the nail (liquid surface tension, viscosity).

Iodine absorbs in the nail in SECONDS. It also leaves NO staining - completely clear.

Other antiseptics - Bleach(chlorine), Peroxide (including Hydrogen and urine), Chlorhexidine Gluconate (hospital skin cleaner) are too thick even if you soak your toes in them (although chlorine can make a little difference)

Not widely available. I found it at CVS for $5, but it was not at Walgreens or Walmart for me. Mine came in a brown bottle even though the liquid is clear and dries clear.

A treatment consisted dipping a q-tip in the bottle and painting your infected nails and the skin that is close to the nail. Repeat (double dipping's ok!) until all infected nails are saturated (it can take ten times). Then leave to dry (takes less than a minute).

THAT'S IT! In less than a half an hour you might feel the skin under your nails tingling. You know it's working!!

If it hurts at anytime while applying, you have hit a pocket of infection. Stop and wait the next day to try again.

I STRONGLY recommend that you do this in the bathtub. Until the iodine is absorbed, it smells like cat urine; but that's only for a few seconds. But if you spill the bottle you want easy clean up.

What I did was apply it 3 times a day for 4 days, then once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month for 3 months. I don't know if more would be faster or if less is fine. In 6 weeks I was amazed at the change in my toes and nails.

Change in 6 weeks
* My toe skin looked healthier
* Light pink nail was growing out the bottom
* My right big toe left side of the nail had (before treatment) began to detact completely making another toe nail! After 6 weeks it began to reattach a full 1/8 inch!!!

Now (5 months later)
They look great. The only sign left is a major ridge that you can't see (but use to see) but I can feel it with my finger. My right toe nail has completely reattached.

I would like to say that when you get rid of this infection, your body will fight other infections faster and you'll feel healthier too.

So don't let anyone, nurse or doctor tell you it can't be done!!

I have pictures but I guess I'll had to describe them instead.



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Yes the iodine does turn the nail yellow.


The decolorized does not color the nail unless you are overdosing. MORE IS NOT FASTER or BETTER.

The new growth is completely clean! The old nail will look bad until it grows out. That can take 6-10 months.

Also reading many statements and repeat questions after about posting #60. It's obvious people are not reading the previous posts that explain all this and more.


I started this on 8/14. I hope it works. I will repost with results


I just wanted to check in and let others know that after three weeks I am seeing VERY good results from the decolorized iodine and I am thrilled!!

I have applied 3x daily (I know more than I probably need to) with both the Q-tip (top of nails) and the iodine applicator (underneath the nails).

From reading previous posts, it sounds as if most people have suffered with the 'classic' fungus where the nails is thick and hard and 'crumbly'. For me, the nail actually stays the same size and texture is fine, the nail(s) do not stay attached to the nail bed and eventually get torn off about half way downt he nail. I wanted to mention to others, who suffer from this type of fungus, that this treatment has worked very well so far. I first clipped the unattached nail pcs off (I dreaded doing this - because they do not look very cute!) to give the iodine the best chance of success.

Thanks again Mark! :)


I have also just completed 3 weeks of 3x a day. I am also seeing good results. There is definitely a distinct difference between the new nail growing in and the old nail growing out. A few more weeks and I think the 'yuck' will all be grown out of my smaller nails. It will take a little longer for the big nails to grow out. I have also quit wearing nail polish on them so they can get light, air, and maximum benefit from the iodine.


Mark, on the once a week for 4 weeks & once a month for 3 months, is that to be 3 applications on the week & month applications?

Thanks Mark, I just completed the 4 days


I never thought of this but considering how much it stings when cleaning a wound, it makes sense.

After my first application (being sure to reapply to thoroughly soak the nails), I did feel the tingling under the nails- something all the other 'cures' never did. I have hope now that this will work!!! I'll report back in a month.


I am also from the UK and having trouble finding 7% iodine. Amazon UK carries something called Lugols 7% Iodine, but I am unsure whether this is decolourised or not. Has anybody found a UK seller? Thanks

Abq George

It's been nearly 2 months since I've been using the clear iodine trmt Mark recommended. The big toenails have hardly grown much at all, and it is difficult to see if there is any improvement. There's is a black pigment around the edges of the nails, and the base seems to be pinker. I have a hard time believing comments that state an immediate cure or improvements within a few weeks. I will keep applying the clear iodine for a year. BTW, this stuff will stain your bathroom floor, and it reacts with peroxide and turns red!

Darcy Lynne

I began this treatment near the beginning of June (I meant to write down the exact date, but of course didn't.)

I think one of my mistakes was having the attitude that 'if a little is good, than a lot must be better.' This is not necessarily true. I applied more often than Mark and haven't seen ANY better results than he experienced. So my recommendation: stick with Mark's 'dosage' plan. Even if it doesn't seem like enough, it almost certainly is.

One HUGE mistake I made: I let my vanity win and covered my big toenail with a band-aid in a lot of social situations. If I had swallowed my pride, I think the results would have come much faster. Now that I've banned the band-aids, I am VERY pleased with the results I'm seeing.

The results so far:

* The small toenail I'm treating is almost half grown in after 2 1/2 months. The new nail looks pink and healthy. Keep in mind, I never covered this nail with a band-aid.

* I'm just now starting to see healthy growth on my big tail. Less than 1/4 of it is grown back. Again, I think I'd be much farther along if I had resisted the band-aid urges.

Overall, I'm pretty confident I will have healthy nails once flip-flop season rolls around again.

For those who are just starting out: don't be discouraged if you're not seeing results right away. New growth takes time, especially if your nail is significantly damaged. Don't overdose... less really is more. And whatever you do, DON'T cover your nails out of vanity!

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