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Use a few drops of ear oil - Check out what Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide has to say about it. Google 'harvard med ear oil'. Personally I prefer Wally's Natural ear oil, I don't trust pharma companies and I'm not comfortable making my own solution. I'm pretty sure there are other ways of doing it, but I like the smell from the wallys one.

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It's strange that you don't trust a pharma company that has to conduct stringent clinical trials and pass FDA scrutiny but you are ok with untested, sometimes unscientific, unregulated home remedies!


To recognize the clear and present dangers of the majority of FDA approved pharmaceuticals...all one has to do is review the long lists of nasty potential side effects, and consider the many class action lawsuits which have been filed and are being filed because of such side effects...realizing also that class action law suits generally require thousands and thousands of victims to gain money hungry lawyers attention.

Not that every non-prescription remedy is totally safe either....but some of them are definitely safer, cheaper, + far better!

May wisdom and discernment guide us in our time of need.

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