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I realised I had g warts and went straight to the GP. I HAVE NEVER HAD UNPROTECTED SEX! I CONTRACTED WARTS EVEN THOUGH I USED A CONDOM AND THEY WERE NOT VISIBLE ON EITHER OF MY SEXUAL PARTNERS!- (i have only had 2). The GP confirmed my diagnosis that I had 4 very very small warts on the perinium (the bit inbetween your bum and vagina) but they were quite close to the vaginal opening. They did not hurt at first but were VERY painful after sex if they were disturbed.

My G.P sent me to a GUM clinic and I wnt twice to have them frozen off, this worked but they came back the week after and were slightly larger. The GUM clinic was very far away from my house and not very reliable as i coudnt always get there.

I got rid of my warts within 2-3 weeks at home very easily and this is how :

I froze the warts with CRYOSPRAY VERRUCA AND WART REMOVER FREEZE SPRAY (£7 off ebey). This was not painful just very cold. Once a very large wart bled a little bit bit it did not hurt.

After freezing the warts i applied BAZUKA gel (£5 from the chemist) BUT this is very painful UNLESS you:

Mix the gel with anaestetic cream or a misturizer so you are diluting it (optional, but I would reccomend for first application).

Only apply to the wart try not to get it on the surrounding skin.

ALWAYS ALWAYS do it sat on the toilet with a jug of cool water... the gel WILL start to burn and this is excruciating for a minute or so if you do nothing BUT if you slowly pour the cool water over it it will instantly stop the burning, and dry the gel (like when you put newly varnished nails in cold water) it will not wash it off.

I repeated this between 1 and 3 times per day for 14 days (i missed some days) and the warts dissapeared. One reappeared once, and disappeared after 1 application of freezing and gel... it has not returned after 6 months.

ALSO I take a multivitamin with iron(£1 from tescos for a tub full) every day, and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This prevents breakouts.

Good luck , your not alone x

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Thanks for the information realy help i'm suffering with a white wart on the head of the penis. I went to my doktor and had it treated with criotherapy ( freezing) it dissaperead but came back again. The doctor fees were pretty its like £50 per go, so i'm going to try Bazuka! See what happens, i'm living out in cyprus is it possible to get a freezer out there

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