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TAKE IRON PILLS! THIS IS THE CURE! My doctor told me that I was anemic and said that I need to take iron pills everyday. I did that and I went back a couple of months later. That is when she told me I was no longer anemic. You can get them anywhere. Walmart, food stores. EVEN THE DOLLAR STORE!!

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Only take iron supplements if your doctor recommends it. too much iron can be toxic.


Excess serum iron has been linked to cancer. There are many other things to take besides over the counter iron. first off an old time remedy is beets. Beets fights anemia(raw in a smoothie). Yellow dock (2-4 a day) by Natures Way helps to build red blood cells. folic acid, b12, and vit.C to help absorb. Carrots and the juice 100% helps you to make your own blood. My level went from 9.7 to 11.2. know your level. The tired went away!!! hope this helps.


This is not a home remedy. I'm sure that anyone with half a brain can figure out to go to the doctors, and there's plenty of websites that tell you you'll die if you don't anyway so I'm pretty sure this post is not really one suited to this website.


Thank you for your excellent post Briana. Iron pills are necessary for women that have bad hemorraghes each month. Such as those with fibroids for example. Ignore Cod's post, it was not phrased in a polite manner.


I have a plastic anemia. I cannot take iron supplements due to you iron overload. If I take iron supplements such as those suggested by others, then that would mean total shutdown of my liver. If those who have any anemia and have had transfusions, they should first get checked by the doctor to determine the levels of iron on their liver before starting iron supplements.


I also have this problem with anemia. I will try beets cause its close to nature.

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