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The black heads around my nose were not real bad. But if you got close to me you could tell that I had black heads. TO DRAMATICALLY REDUCE BLACK HEADS: Use a facial scrub. I used Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Moisturizer massage it into your black heads for about a minute. My black heads were deep so it did not do much. After that I applied rubbing alcohol to my black heads and took a small needle and started scrapping at my blackheads. Then...I took a hot wash cloth and let it sit on my black heads until it got cool. (I applied the hot wash cloth 3 times) After I washed and dried my face. AND WAHLAA!!! You can't even see them. (they are very very tiny) I am going to do this tomorrow until they are completely gone. THIS REMEDY WORKED FOR ME!

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never worked for me. ;(


Your pores were swollen, thats why they looked 'smaller'. The only way to combat large pores or blackheads is consistent skincare and having a good skincare regime. You need to use a good pH-leveled skin cleanser, and moisterizer with SPF (at least a 15) and if you are having any acne or blackheads, you should be using either an enzyme mask of some kind. I'm a licensed Skincare Pro, I'm trying to help you out. At your local Walgreens, and Walgreens around the US, there is a great enzyme mask that can help break down the stuff that gets trapped in your pores, otherwise known as blackheads. Its by the brand ALBA BOTANTICA Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask. Of coarse, if you have allergies to any of the ingredients you cannot use it but there are plenty of products sold in the world today that can help you. Hope that helps


tried that and didn't work


i will try this (: Thanks for this post (: xxxxxxxx

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