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Alexandra Age 11 1/2

I have had acne since I was about 8! I know right? It has gotten really bad, and people make fun of me. A few weeks ago some one called me pimple face and then they tripped me, I had a HUGE big purple bruise on my leg for two legs. So i tried everything I could. But my Mom cant afford the expansive stuff. So I used home remidies, I used this recipe,
MW, Miracel Whip, Mannoise


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that's really sad im glad it worked i know how it feels :]


thats so sad im glad it worked :]


That's really mean of them. Either you should tell teachers or administrators, or use the preferred method of saying 'hey' and when they turn around punch them in the face, then stomach, the trip them. But glad it worked!!!

Spell check lover

i assume you are still in school? you're english teacher should be shot.

'Tard Basher

are you sure that the ridicule stems from you're acne? i used to make fun of those individuals who rode the short bus to school...

R. L. H.

Children (and obviuosly some really immature adults) can be so cruel! Obviously you are not the only person who has to endure such violent, abusive behaviors:( I am a 44 year old women who has always suffered from acne. Fortunately, I have a great doctor that provided the cure many, many years ago. There is a face wash that contains salicylic acid (2 percent) that combines well with a 10 percent benzoperoxide (not sure of spelling) ointment that can both be found in local pharmacys. Both are relatively inexpensive and should be used twice a day, EVERY day. Of course there are prescripyion drugs, such as Retin A and Clindamycin (which works great for clearing up the infections caused by acne). I do realize that this site is for homeopathic remedies; however, I truly think that you should talk with your family doctor. Unfortunately, acne scars do not go away and cost thouands of dollars to have removed later in life. As far as the truely ignorant people making fun of you, remember that they have their own issues that they mask by making fun of you. It really is what's on the inside that matters, so please don't quit being kind to others because of these mean, rude people. If you need assistance with the financial burden of visiting a dermatologist or purchasing meication, please post an email on this site an we can figure out a way for me to assist you with the costs. I really feel sorry for the people making fun of you because what goes around comes around (twice back at them). The same people who made fun of me back in Jr. High aren't laughing anymore, since I have had quite a successful career as a runway model:-) High school reunions are always interesting, since thepeople who found pleasure in my shortcomings now have many of their own while I continue to make a great living modeling at age 44... I still believe that kindness and beauty inside is what brought me such success in a world that is so caught up in physical beauty. Again, I will share what I have with you because you sincerely appear to be a beautiful person, inside and out!


we dont get Mirrical Whip in england, should i just get normal mayonnaise, ps i also know what its like xx

MIRACLE Roberts- spelled right

no one spells miracle right. How come? it aint hard. Well i guess i would be used to spelling it, saying as its my name, but still GRR


how long do apply it?


does reg mayonnaise work?

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