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well if youre reading this, you clearly have a computer! if youre in luck its a lap top...what i do that helps is lay on the bed or on the couch on your back, and rest your lap top on your stomach, the heat and weight of the computer helps soothe the cramps, and having the internet right in front of your face takes your mind off everything else...take your time, facebook creep, watch funny videos on youtube, whatever makes you think less about the pain in your belly!

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Olga Rodriguez

LOL that what im doing right now! The heat works so good on my cramps


sounds like it works...but careful cause the radiation can cause cancer..


this is a really good idea and it works. its jus hard to type like this lol


*sigh* This has got to be the most idiotic thing I have ever read...have you never heard of something called radiation? The fact that 69 people have even rated this is even more unfortunate. I hope none of you mind surgery because cancer is what this will lead to.


You say that as if an electric heating pad wouldn't do the same thing? If a computer gives you cancer then so would anything electric that was kept close to skin for long periods of time. Obviously a heating pad isn't going to give you cancer, so I highly doubt a laptop would. Idiot.


Yeah and when you can't have babies and you have cancer be sure to thank her for that too


it probably works, but i've heard doctor's tell people that the radiation can make you become sterile and get cancer.


Just and FYI to respond to the person who thinks they are going to get cancer from a laptop. You can google it for more information.

Does my laptop emit radiation?

All time-varying electrical currents emit radiation. An antennae is just a wire like any other and all electrical circuits are made out of wires (essentially). The question, really, is if the frequency is high enough to generate what is known as 'ionising' radiation and would the dosage, if it was dangerous, be high enough to worry about.

Ionising radiation only starts to occur in the higher UV spectrum (cf sunburn). Microwave radiation is dangerous, not because it is ionising, but because it is specifically intended to excite (i.e. heat) H-O bonds, thus causing thermal damage.

The time-varying currents flowing through computer (or any household electronics for that matter) do not switch nearly fast enough to generate ionising radiation. The only potential source of ionising radiation is the monitor. The total power draw of a monitor is usually <100 Watts, most of this is transduced to heat and visible light frequencies (none of which is dangerous) and as a result any harmful radiation that might be given off is completely swamped by background ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Essentially, you should be more worried about eye fatigue and long term staring at a bright object =)


this works wonders I'm in school in my study hall and was so desperate for relief and this is working so well and is so discrete no one realizes what I'm doing!!


I like to lay in bed on my back with my legs tucked up, a few blankets on and my laptop comfortably laying on me. :)

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