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Take a 2in x 2in piece of paper towel and place 1 tsp of clove powder in the center. Fold in sides and bottom then roll it up to make a packet. then moisten the packet with clove oil for the instant relief and as long as you keep that packet between gum and tooth there will be no pain for at least 8 - 10 hours then replace with another packet.

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AMAZING TY so much it worked fantastic better than ambisol....AT first I had a tooth pulled on friday, then today the destist 02-22-11 said I had dry socket....he scraped and packed the tooth and now I have been up all night in more sever pain than all weekend. YOU took away the pain more than the morphine.....ty


suck it up and drink some beers ot whatever you like to drink with some advil and it will be gone in a hour if you drink enough easy and happy !


Thank you for the clove suggestion.
I just had a root canal today and thought the pain was bad before.
The numbing is wearing off and I am in excruciating pain.
I have chronic pain so I am on the strongest form of pain meds you can get.
They are just taking the edge off.
I didn't have clove oil, but do have cloves, so I put 4 or 5 between some gauze, took a rubber hammer to crush them and ran it under hot water. I rolled it up and put it between my tooth and cheek.
It seems to be helping. Thank you so much.
I felt like I wanted to die, the pain was so bad. I am afraid what is gonna happen tonight after hours, but will stick with the cloves for now.
The person suggesting to drink a beer, clearly does not have the same tooth pain we are speaking about. Believe me, if morphine and motrin 800's isn't helping, I'm pretty sure a beer would not.


A sugestion from an er dr. Go to a pharmacist at a drug store. Ask for clove oil. Take a q tip and saturate your tooth. Be careful becouse it Burns a little if it gets on your cheek or tongue. Works amazing. Thank God!!!

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