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Paul - Ohio

I've tried many of these remedies over the years and often theorize about what causes or triggers RLS. One common denominator among almost all sufferers seems to be that attacks occur or peak at bedtime or when sleeping. This would support the theory of spinal pressure or misalignment. Any action that involves sufferers getting out of bed (whether to take/preform some remedy, pace the floor, or whatever) would invariably result in changing or reliveing that pressure on the spine to some degree. This could possibly explain why such a wide array of nighttime remedies seem to work (maybe it wasn't the remedy so much, as simply the action of getting out of bed). My spine is misaligned somewhat due to one leg being shorter than the other, which is a very common physiologic occurrence. I first experienced RLS as a 8 yr. old child (growing pains we called it) at a time when I was experiencing a rapid growth spurt. Symptoms returned when I was an adult (around 45) after I was in an auto accident. Anyway - just thought I'd share my thoughts on this theory, which several others on this site seem to share as well. Mirapex has worked extremely well for me, but I have had to increase the dosage 3 times already (over 7-10 yrs) and don't know if I will max out allowable dosage/effect at some point. I tried switching to Requip and had terrible time, and switched back. Hylant's Restful Legs works great for me -stopping nighttime attacks within 10-15 min. (dissolve 2-3 tabs under tongue). High carb intake, and/or alcohol before bedtime, makes symptoms much worse. Keep blogging guys! I think one of the keys to solving the RLS mystery lies in studying the commonalities in symptoms and successful remedies/treatments.

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Brenda Morris

Restless leg is a movement disorder. There are really quirky things that relieve symptoms. For instance I find having dry feet gets my feet and legs going. So at night when I'm going to bed, which is when it bothers me the most, I just massaged in a moisturizer on my feet and legs. Works like a charm--if dry feet is the trigger, that is and for me its usually 80% of the cause. Weird huh?


What helps me with my RLS is sitting in a hot tube and massaging my legs with muscle/joint cream. Those things smell awful but they work great. Contracting the leg muscles which i know i painful relieves the discomfort if you don't mind pain from the muscle contraction. With me I think the kind of shoes I wear and how tired I am determines if I get the symptoms. Pay attention to the types of shoes you wear and if they might trigger RLS at nights. Im a science student and if I dont have the right shoes on during lab I am going crazy form the symptoms at night. I hope this helps. I know it sucks having it :(


I dont agree I go to the chriopractor once a month for regular adjustments and my symptoms arnt releaved.


i believe in the idea of spinal misalignment since this would suggest neural paths are blocked or hampered in their conduction of signals. this is why iron and mg seems to help for some people as i think it improves conduction. this is also why dopamine increase helps, decrease occurs in depressions, which is when you limit certain emotions, i believe the limiting of certain emotions is arranged in our bodies like magnets that in turn influence the neural electrical paths. i therefore believe that the long term solutions is to remove the limitations of emotions, thereby removing the magnets and improving the electrical conduction in a natural way. Please let me know what you all think. this is why yoga seems to help as it unblocks emotions and also why we believe alcohol helps as it temporarily unblocks emotions. I only wish i knew which emotions re unblocked, probably 'forbidden' ones like anger and fear and sexual ...

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